ConTechs are coming,

but the ecosystem is not ready

ConTech adoption is slow due to lack of operators, installers, and tech support

Yet, new tools continue to hit the market, disparate and fragmented

Resulting speed & complexity of change is unlike anything the industry has faced before

What Xpanner does

Xpanner Provides ConTech as a Service (TaaS) to increase accessibility and value to users.

TaaS Solution

Technology Application Service 

Through Construction Technology as a Service (TaaS) solution, Xpanner team brings smart construction technolgy to the site without our customers having to understand the technology.

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How Xpanner Delivers 

TaaS in Your Site 

Platform-based eco-system to facilitate adoption with knowledge, expertise, and products

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Integration of ConTech products to harness the collective benefits of new innovation

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Xpanner Clients 

The innovation we create 

with our customers

Xpanner Partners 

Your Best 

Innovation Supporter, 

Xpanner Partners

Xpanner Partners Operator

From Machine Guidance to BIM Construction! Our prepared Partner Operators await you!

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Xpanner Partners

Service Center

Together with our direct field engineers, our selected Partner Service Centers resolve issues happening on your site and minimize delays.

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Xpanner Partners Makers

Xpanner discovers proven domestic and international ConTech products. Select the needed product and apply it now on your site!

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Digging BrosPlayed Ddakji Chigi from Squid Game๐Ÿ’ช50,000 won for prize!

26th November, 2021

Squid Game loved by everyone around the globe! Our goal is to be loved by all the operators around the world. To steal people's heart, we played Ddakji Chigi from Squid Game at the event. I gave 50,000 won to those who beat me. How many won the prize? Let's check it out together!

Filming location: Gyeonggi Goyang Kintex / International Construction Machinery 
Filming date: 11th November, 2021

Digging Bros
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