Xpanner YoutubeEarthworks, what is the difference between a conventional way and a model based construction?

13rd November, 2022

At the end of August, Xpanner did the PoC test in Busan. The purpose of this PoC test is to verify what innovation can be achieved immediately when new ConTech (Construction Technology) product groups that improve productivity, manageability, and safety are provided as a system through Xpanner. As for the test method, the work of producing the same results according to each scenario crafted by a conventional way of construction and a model based construction proposed by Xpanner was performed twice, and the results were compared. 

A 14t-class wheel excavator equipped with a tiltrotator carries out the excavation work in the shape of a 'J'. We created a situation where an unforeseen obstacle was found during excavation so that the drawing was changed and reworked once. As a result, the output of the J-shaped excavation is the same but you can see how the new model-based construction method proposed by Xpanner can change the site compared to the conventional way through the differences in the face-to-face work of each scenario.

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